Hi, I'm Kevin

Client Testimonials

My client’s goals and desired results are all very different. I enjoy meeting people who want to achieve personal goals that they thought were unobtainable - run their first 5k or marathon, pass a fitness test, lose weight or just feel better about themselves.

Being a part of those journeys is an extremely rewarding job. Here are some of the great things my clients have had to say about their journeys whilst training with me.


It has been a really inspirational experience training with Kev. I was at a bit of a low ebb when I started with him but he has given me confidence that I can achieve the goals I have set myself. He makes me work hard but is also understanding and supportive so he knows when I am tired and when I am just being lazy.

His attentive and encouraging manner means he helps me overcome any physical or mental barriers I may impose on myself. The sessions are varied and interesting which helps keep them fresh and fun. Although I have exercised for many years at a high level he has had me exercising muscles I never knew I had. It’s obvious he really enjoys his job. It literally shines out of him.


Since training with Kev, I have become fitter and have more stamina. I am seeing the best muscular changes in just 8 weeks, and this is great as I have been at a gym for 3 years. My back,arms and stomach are more toned, really my whole body shape has changed, I even run now, and quite like it. This is something I have never been able to do.

I enjoy working with Kev, he has a great manner, he’s friendly and has so much knowledge, I know that each session will be different and I don't need to think, Kev does that for me!

Kev has been an excellent trainer and I look forward to carrying on with him in to the future. I still have areas to work on and still need support with my diet.


I am not a natural sports person in any sense; in fact, I would go so far as to say that I have always disliked exercise. However, I am required to pass a physical fitness test for work twice a year. This involves, among other things, running a mile and a half in a set time. At the beginning of this year, I was struggling to pass my fitness test. I was a minute and a half over my set time for the mile and a half run. I tried to improve my running speed by myself but actually seemed to just get slower! It was incredibly stressful and frustrating.

I decided to try using a personal trainer. I found Kevin’s details on the internet and gave him a ring. I was a little nervous but Kevin was really friendly and positive. We met to discuss my situation and Kevin gave me a general fitness assessment. What I immediately liked about Kevin was that he was straightforward and honest about what I needed to do to improve my running speed. He was also genuinely interested and enthusiastic. We started to meet three times a week. Although I initially dreaded every session, I realised after a couple of weeks that my attitude had changed and I was actually looking forward to exercising. Kevin went to great lengths to ensure that each session was different, so that I didn’t get bored or disheartened with one particular exercise. Although the aim was to improve my running speed, he didn’t just make me run; he incorporated lots of other aerobic activity such as boxing and circuits as well as working on my core stability.

Kevin was also very flexible in terms of when and where we met. When it became too difficult, due to work commitments, for me to be able to train in the evenings, he started coming to my work place so that I could train at lunchtimes.

Within three months, I had passed my fitness test, knocking two minutes and ten seconds off my run and dropping half a stone. Although I have passed my fitness test, I continue to meet with Kevin two or three times a week. This is to maintain and improve my fitness but also because I genuinely enjoy the sessions and Kevin’s company. My next goal is to drop a dress size for my Summer ball in June!